One of the most frequently asked questions by novice tourists is to buy trekking poles or not? This should be decided individually. Our task is to tell you about the purpose of walking poles, the benefits, and the correct methods for choosing these products. More here Willpowerpeak sports website

Why do you need trekking poles?

An important purpose is to reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system. Basically, joints suffer from long walking and stick also significantly reduce the load on the back and calf muscles.

  • They are necessary for medium to heavy trekking, for long hikes with backpacks;
  • Provide endurance, the tourist does not have to make an effort to maintain balance, give an additional fulcrum ;
  • They help to overcome difficult sections of the path easier, for example, crossing a river ford, climbing rocky or slippery terrain;
  • During descents of any difficulty, they reduce the stress on the knee joints.

How to choose walking sticks?

When choosing, first, you need to take into account the growth of the tourist. In case the height is above average, check that the sticks are not too short. The handle of the product should fit well in the hand, the hinges will help to adjust the position of the handle. If the body weight exceeds 90 kg, you should abandon ultra-light models, and choose something heavier.

Stick tips should be made of hard alloys, unlike plastic and steel, they are stronger and more reliable. It is important to check the fixation of all mechanisms before purchasing. Do not forget that models for winter trekking must have reinforced nozzle rings.

Modern products can consist of several segments (from 2 to 4), which fold telescopically into each other. When assembled, the length of the stick does not exceed 60 cm, so the set does not take up much space in the backpack. Sticks are used in hiking, mountaineering, and when moving on difficult terrain.

The main part of the product is constipation. Their purpose is to fix the tourist stick in the unfolded state and protect it from folding at the moment of high load. Today there are two main types of such mechanisms: latch and screw.

Advantages and disadvantages of trekking poles

Despite the obvious advantages of walking sticks, they also have a number of disadvantages. But first, let’s look at the merits:

  • Reducing the load on the lower body (back, joints, knees);
  • Additional stability, especially on routes with rocky or slippery terrain;
  • Protection from injuries and falls;
  • Increases movement speed during descent and ascent;
  • Assistance in installing the tarpaulin.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • Extra weight in addition to the backpack
  • From the load of the poles, the muscles of the arms can hurt if they are untrained.

How to walk with sticks correctly?

There is no single correct movement technique. Everyone chooses it individually, adjusting the characteristics of the stick for themselves. In general terms, the nature of the movement remains natural, during the ascent the stick is shortened, and during the descent, it is put forward if the path lies through the traverse, one stick is made shorter than the other.

It is necessary to pay attention to fixing the hands: do not squeeze the handle too tightly, the emphasis will go to the lanyard, in this case, the hands will not be overloaded and hurt, if you are afraid of calluses, you can wear gloves.

Some popular trekking pole models

Price category

Here the principle is as follows – the lighter and stronger the sticks, the more expensive they are. It is better to choose to trek poles of the middle price segment, whether too cheap a product will harm it or cope with its duties. Quality trekking poles will last longer, provide the support you need, and you won’t have to waste money. The leaders in the production of such tourist poles are the brands Gelert and Karrimor, but the products of Komperdell can be attributed to the luxury segment.


British travel brand Gelert offers a classic version of the hiking pole. Manufacturing material – aluminum alloy; maximum length – 136 cm; the presence of three sections; Includes snow caps.


Another British brand Karrimor specializing in the manufacture of equipment and equipment for trekking and mountaineering offers its trekking poles. The material of manufacture is an aluminum alloy. The stick consists of 3 sections; maximum length – 134 cm, folded – 64 cm. A lightweight option for hiking and mountain routes. The presence of an eccentric fixation ensures quick adjustment and good support.

 Komperdell C3 Carbon Powerlock

The ultra-light Komperdell 3- section model is made of carbon and Titanal.HF (innovative aluminum alloy). Despite the lightness of construction, the poles are suitable for extreme trekking, hiking, and mountaineering.

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