But if you carefully read everything that is written (and that which is written in small print, too), if you have the natural gift of persuasion and the flexibility of thinking, then perhaps the truth will be on your side. And to make it easier for you, we have compiled the most stupid airline rules from around the world.

You will carry the drink without problems if you hide it

If you return home from an international trip, then check the safety rules first. In some places, for example, at the airports of Singapore and Seoul, there are two security checks (the second – right before landing). Therefore, make sure that you do not have any liquids (including the can of cola you just bought). But it is not surprising that if you have a bottle hidden, you may be let in. Do not buy anything expensive and be prepared in case of something goodbye to something.

Online registration requires a surcharge

US-based Spirit Airlines charges an additional $ 9-18 for electronic check-in. Although at the front desk, everything is done completely free. That is, it turns out that the company is “cheaper” to pay for the work of a special employee than to introduce a competent policy on the site.

Choosing a seat on the plane also requires a surcharge

In the same Spirit company, choosing a seat when buying a ticket or registration, even the most inconvenient one, can cost almost $ 50. So you have to either accept the place that you get by default or not fly this airline.

Direction, not distance, affects whether you have lunch or not

If you are flying from New York to London, then American Airlines will take care of your meals. But if you are planning a home flight of the same airline, for example, from Phoenix to Honolulu, then all snacks and even water will be paid.

You can’t carry water, you can ice

TSA regulations, security services at US airports, allow ice to be carried onboard but prohibit water. Freeze a bottle of water beforehand – and no problem.

Hand luggage weight is only important for 30 seconds

If you travel by Air France, put on the hardest things on yourself. The rules of the airline are such that the weight of the things you take with you onboard should not exceed 12 kg. And this is carefully monitored at the registration. So while the front desk staff will check the tickets and passport details, but the hardest on yourself, and after weighing everything can again be put in its place.

Large laptops are potential bombs, small ones are not

TSA rules force 13-inch laptops to be pulled onto the conveyor belt, while 11-inch laptops remain suspicious. Of course, extra inches is an extra space for smuggling.

Airlines are not responsible for lost items, even when they change their boarding gate number

Experienced travelers know that you should not put valuables in your luggage. But even if you took everything important in your carry-on baggage, be careful not to leave anything to the airport employees during the inspection.

Men are the most suspicious passengers

A few years ago, British Airways was sued for discrimination. The fact was that the man was asked to change seats several times, explaining this by the fact that it is forbidden to put minor children without an accompanying person on the plane next to the men. After that, in many companies, the “rule” was removed, but not everywhere.

You can get a discount for an additional fee.

Most airlines are ready to give you the difference if the price of flight changes on the same day. But some airlines charge an additional fee for this. For example, Virgin America will charge you $ 100 for trying to change a ticket.

In general, carefully read everything that is written in small print.

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