And if you leave him alone there, then you can shoot the domestic version of “Survivor”, since there are enough wild places in Russia. They really go to the mountains for new sensations, harmony and tranquility, just to walk along the wild paths equipped or vice versa, to admire the scenery. We have collected 7 of the most picturesque and impressive mountain peaks in Russia and the CIS.

Belukha, Altai

Altai mountains in common people are called “Golden Mountains”. The untouched nature of one of the largest nature reserves in Russia has a special magnetism, the highest peak of Altai – Belukha – looks especially impressive.

Here you can find difficulty routes: both for lovers of hiking with a camera, and for professional climbers. The first attempts to climb Belukha were made at the end of the last century. The uniqueness of the Altai taiga in the complete absence of mosquitoes, so the spray can be left at home. The local Katun River is called the “cradle of boating.” Along the Altai Mountains, there are many horse trails. Here you can meet paragliders and cyclists.

The best month to travel in July when clear weather sets high in the mountains. However, it is good to visit Belukha in the fall to admire the yellow-red larch taiga.

Osten and Fisht, Caucasus

On the southern horizon of Adygea, mountains of Fisht, Oshten, and Przheho-Su lined with a snow-white ridge. From the peaks, a bewitching view of the Black Sea opens, in the night lights of Sochi, Maykop and Krasnodar are visible. In general, the Fisht-Oshtenovsky mountain junction with mountain peaks is a sea reef that has risen to a height from the depths of the sea.

Mount Fisht – for the inhabitants of Adygea, as Fuji for the Japanese, are of key importance. On its slope hidden cave “Soaring Bird” with a depth of more than 500 meters. Another beauty of Mount Fisht is a waterfall with a height of about 250-300 meters, which goes into an underground abyss, the depth of which has not been measured by anyone.

Mount Oshten, which means “eternal snow”, is, on the contrary, more severe and year-round covered with white caps. On the slope, there are several programmed tracks. Mountain peaks of Oshten on a clear day are clearly visible from the village of Maykop. On the slope, there are several programmed tracks.

Mount Akhun, Sochi

Well-known attraction of Sochi and at the same time a viewing platform. A Ferris wheel and a tower are installed on Mount Achn; on the way to them you can visit an exhibition of miniatures, a souvenir shop. The tower is the main attraction of the mountain. With its appearance it resembles a medieval one, in fact, it was built in the 30s of the XX century.

Adler and Sochi are visible from the observation deck in fine weather. And in the north, views of foothill villages, beautiful meadows and the ridge of the Caucasus Mountains, which stretches along the coast of the Black Sea, open up.

Kazbek, Georgia

An extinct volcano with a military past that has long been retired – this is how Kazbek can be described. Five thousand meters is located in the eastern part of the Central Caucasus, on the border of Russia and Georgia. Kazbek is popular among climbers from all over the world, it attracts with stunning mountain landscapes and easy climbing routes. It overlooks the entire Caucasus. By the way, the last shootings of Sergey Bodrov were held on the territory of Kazbek.

If there are no plans to conquer the summit, you can always arrange a walk to the weather station, located at an altitude of 3,700 meters. In addition to the mountain scenery, it is worth exploring the Gergeti Monastery and a real mountain glacier.

Elbrus, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia

The highest point of the European part of Russia is Elbrus, which is also called the “Mountain of a Thousand Mountains”. It formed about a million years ago and consists of alternating layers of lava, ash, and tuff. There are 54 glaciers on Elbrus, which give rise to three rivers, and many picturesque gorges. The height of the mountain is 5642 meters.

And at the end of 2015, on Elbrus, open the highest mountain cable car in Europe. The upper cableway station is located at an altitude of 3,847 meters.

On the southern and eastern slopes along the Baksan Gorge, the infrastructure for tourists is well developed: hotels, guest houses, and campsites.

Khan Tengri Peak, Kazakhstan

Khan-Tengri peak is credited with the title of the most beautiful peak not only of Kazakhstan but of the whole world. The reason is the right proportions. The peak-peak is an almost perfect pointed pyramid, which, during sunrise and sunset, turns red with the whole mountain. To see this sight is like meeting Venus de Milo from a painting by Raphael emerging from sea foam. A spectacle that remains in memory for a lifetime.

Lenin Peak, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan

The mountain peak with the Soviet name is located on the Chon-Alai ridge, on the border of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The height of Lenin Peak 7134 meters above sea level, it is considered the most accessible and popular among mountain climbers in the world. At the same time, one should not climb one of the three thousand seven thousandths of Kyrgyzstan without an experienced escort: the harsh polar climate, rarefied atmosphere, deep cracks and the danger of avalanches make climbing up to the top a dangerous activity. But at the bottom, there are several camps for climbers, in which anyone can stop.

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