More and more people are turning their eyes to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory. Cities and resort villages on the shores of the Black and Azov Seas are an excellent option for a trip to the “waters”. We have collected 7 of the most worthy resorts in the Krasnodar Territory.


Anapa rightfully deserves the title of the sunniest resort in the Krasnodar Territory. It offers guests almost 40 kilometers of sandy beaches, healing mud of Chemburlak and Taman, mineral springs and huge vineyards. The resort is surrounded on all sides by oak forests and juniper groves.

For those who are not satisfied with just a beach holiday, the city has a dolphinarium and Zhemchuzhny waterfall, an oyster farm and the famous cellars of Abrau-Durso, Lermontovskaya Taman and Cherkessky aul.

Anapa has over 600 accommodation facilities: from sanatoriums to five-star hotels. Many hotels are ready to accept vacationers with children. For families, a number of special services are provided: a playground, animation programs, a children’s pool, and a menu, cots for babies.


The resort on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, original and unlike any other. Yeysk is a cozy southern port city, surrounded by greenery and fruit trees. The city has many alleys, parks and shady squares. The beaches are mostly sandy. The Yeisk Spit very successfully divides the Sea of ​​Azov into two parts: the Yeisk Liman and the Taganrog Bay.

The tourist infrastructure here has just begun to develop, but everything is happening quickly and competently. The beaches in Yeysk are closely watched: they are regularly cleaned. There are few large hotels in the city, the accommodation options are small private guest houses.

The place is recommended for families with children, as well as for lovers of active time. The former will be pleased with the air, the gentle entrance to the sea and safety, the latter with a large selection of water activities at the “South Beach”. In Yeysk, several surf stations have been opened where you can rent equipment and take kiting and windsurfing lessons.

Despite its small size, the resort town boasts a rich architectural heritage. Another must-see place is the Shark Reef Aquarium, where you can immerse yourself in the secrets of the underwater world.


A small village for 4 thousand inhabitants is located on the Black Sea coast with developed infrastructure, clean air and a gentle entrance to the sea. Rest in Nebug – an opportunity to combine a beach holiday with walks through the forest. Suitable for families with children, as well as for older tourists and youth.

The beaches in Nebug are stretched for 15 kilometers and consist of pebbles and a small amount of sand. The resort town has a large number of hotels and hotels of different levels, which are located on the first and second coastline. In Nebug you can enjoy active water recreation – there are a diving club and a surf station. You can also take boat trips or a yacht.

One of the largest water parks in Russia, Dolphin, with an area of ​​4 hectares, operates in the village. Individual slides reach the height of a five-story building. “Dolphin” is unique in its “greenness”, because it is combined with the Arboretum. The water park is open until the early hours of the morning; night parties are often held here. Another bright component of the resort leisure Ailment is the Aqua Mir Dolphinarium, which is successfully located ten meters from the beach.


The northernmost resort area of ​​Greater Sochi and an unconditional favorite among Russian tourists. Lazarevskoye differs from other resort villages of Greater Sochi in its municipal beaches, whose width is 50 meters, which is rare for this area. Cleaning takes place daily, so the recreation areas by the sea are always clean. The beaches are mostly pebble, sometimes sand and pebble. Entrance to the sea without sudden changes.

Restaurants, cafes, pizzerias, and sushi bars – all this is in abundance and many institutions with affordable prices. From May to October, stars of the Russian pop come to Lazarevskoye, so you can get to the concert of your favorite artist.

The resort town has a large selection of private hotels, hotels, guest houses, pensions, and resorts. There are also two water parks, a dolphinarium, an amusement park with its own aquarium, penguinarium, bowling club, and terrarium.


Despite the consolidated status of the important port city of Russia, Novorossiysk is perfect for the summer holidays. The city has a well-developed infrastructure (a large selection of hotels, cafes, and restaurants), many attractions, and the beaches are not inferior to Sochi. And next to the city are two of the best wineries in the Krasnodar Territory. All the beaches are well equipped, but pebbles are the cover, so it’s worth taking slippers with you. The most popular city beach of Novorossiysk is located in the Yuzhny area on the Sudzhuk spit.

The best place for an evening promenade is Admiral Serebryakov’s embankment, which runs along the banks of the Themes (Novorossiysk) bay. During the walk, you can see the monument to the founders of the city and interesting sculptures – “The Girl on the Dolphin”, “The Wife of a Sailor” and others. Parents with children are recommended to visit them. Yu.A. Gagarin, which is recognized as an object of cultural heritage.


Hosta is a city in the Krasnodar Territory, located 15 minutes from Sochi and resembling a huge park. All beaches are a pebble, with a small amount of silver sand.

The city has many different pensions and resorts that use therapeutic mud from Kudepsta and Matsesta springs. Therefore, Khosta is considered a balneological resort.

The host has everything for a memorable vacation: all kinds of cafes, restaurants, attractions for children, excursions, and most importantly – the proximity of such developed cities as Sochi and Adler. A must-see attraction is the Vorontsov Caves, located 19 kilometers from the city.


Gelendzhik is perhaps the most popular resort in Russia, but at the same time, not the cheapest. Service and maintenance are better developed than in neighboring cities.

Holidays at sea in Gelendzhik is a choice of more than 100 pebble beach areas over 20 km long. The best beach is the “Gardens of the Seas”.

Many tourists come here for wellness and mineral waters, in Gelendzhik, there are several sources. The most fascinating place to visit with children is Safari Park, where you can watch animals in conditions close to natural. For active holidaymakers, there are three water parks: Golden Bay, Behemoth, and Dolphin.

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