It doesn’t matter if it’s the royal luxury of the Indian Maharajas Express, the strict dress code of Venice Simplon-Orient-Express or the breathtaking views of a trip to Peru – there are enough routes to enjoy. We have collected the top 10.

1. Venetian Express Simplon-Orient

Countries: Italy and France

Sophistication, luxury, and comfort are combined in the elegant wagons of the famous Orient Express, the famous designers of the 20s and 30s took care of the interiors.

You will move from Paris to Venice in 2 days, during which you will be fed the most delicious cuisines of these two countries. Evenings in suits set the tone for the atmosphere, as do champagne from crystal glasses and food on silver dishes.

The best time to take this trip: March-November.

2. Royal Scotsman

Country: Scotland

Luxury and grandeur are the main synonyms of this trip. Passengers are greeted by the red carpet, bagpipes performed by real Scots and, of course, champagne in a viewing car made back in 1908. One-day or seven-day routes usually depart from London and Edinburgh. Along the way, you will see various castles, houses, gardens, and museums, as well as passing through the famous Northern Highlands.

The best time to take this trip: April – October.

3. Peruvian Andean Explorer

Country: Peru

In the Peruvian Andes, waterfalls, rivers, gorges and lush greenery make a huge impression, and the best views are opened from the windows of exquisite Pullman wagons. Combining Cuzco, the heart of the once-powerful Inca Empire, and the azure Lake of Titicaca, this train is one of the best ways to see Machu Picchu. The duration of the route is 10 hours, the total distance is 281 kilometers.

The best time to go on this trip: June – September.

4. Devil’s nose train

Country: Ecuador

It was along this route that the very first railway of Ecuador ran from the coastal city of Guayaquil to the mountain Quito. The train got its name because of the vertical cliff, past which the Devil’s nose route passes. In 1997, the route was closed but recently earned again. By this time, they managed to update the cars that will take you through the surroundings of the picturesque volcano Cotopaxi. The whole trip takes 4 days. The train stops in several cities for overnight stays or various excursions.

The best time to go on this trip: June – September.

5. Asian Oriental Express

Countries: Thailand and Singapore.

This three-day trip is one of the pearls of Southeast Asia. The route passes through the very heart of the continent, crosses Johor, stops at Kuala Lumpur and Penang, passengers will also be offered a boat ride across the Kwai River.

The best time to take this trip: March – December.

6. Japanese Tokaido Shinkansen Bullet Train

Country: Japan.

World-famous for its technological equipment, and as a result for its speed and safety, the train travels almost 550 km in two and a half hours (average speed 270 km / h), connecting two major Japanese cities – Tokyo and Osaka. Do not miss Mount Fuji and Kyoto, through which the route passes. In total there are 17 stops, for each of which the train arrives in time accurate to the second. Do you think you are moving too fast? What can you say when in 2025 Japan will introduce a train at a speed of 935 km / h?

The best time to go on this trip: March – June, October – November.

7. Pride of Africa – Rovos Rail

Country: South Africa The

quality-restored Pride of Africa train is the restored atmosphere of the romantic era of King Edward. Its excellent cuisine and the best wines of South Africa complement it. And outside the window at this time, panoramas of the stunning coast of Garden Route flicker, Winelands of the Western Cape and Zulu Nature Reserve.

A three-day route passes through Cape Town and Pretoria, providing those who wish to stay at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Swakopmund in Namibia and even in Cape Town and Cairo. If you do not mind spending money, then take the Royal Suite with its own living room, bathroom with a Victorian bath.

The best time to take this trip: October – May.

8. Trans-Siberian Railway

Country: Russia

Crossing the outlets of the formerly famous Silk Road, the train follows the tracks of Marco Polo and Alexander the Great. The route begins in Moscow, and ends in Vladivostok, and is considered one of the longest in the world. You will also be offered to hike through the taiga forests, ride dog sledding and so on.

The whole trip will take 15 days, during which time you will visit Moscow, Kazan,  Yekaterinburg , Novosibirsk , Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan-Ude, Ulan Bator and Vladivostok. In each city you stop and take a short sightseeing tour.

The best time to go on this trip: May – September, December.

9. Mexican Copper Canyon railway

Country: Mexico

Copper Canyon is the largest in North America (4 times more than the Grand Canyon). It got its name because of the greenish-copper color of the rocks formed over 30 million years ago.

The journey starts from Los Mochis Chihuahua and runs from the Pacific Ocean to the central Mexican desert. You will pass along the highest forest slopes, past the second largest waterfall in Mexico and see a lot of interesting things. In general, make yourself comfortable.

The best time to take this trip: December – May.

10. Indian Maharajas Express

Country: India

Indian Railways are famous for their colors and bustle. Forwarding more than 18 million passengers daily, trains can rightly be called the country’s main life artery. Luxurious Maharajas Express, made in the best traditions of Rajupta welfare, travels from Mumbai to Delhi in 7 days. In this “palace on wheels” you will see Ajata, Taj Mahal, deserts, city markets and much more.

The best time to take this trip: October-March.

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