The culture of the place you go to, as a rule, greatly affects the perception and impression of the trip, so we collected a selection of the best islands in the world, the main criterion of which was food. Read more at

No. 10. Oahu, Hawaii

On Oahu, you can find a variety of dishes from a variety of cuisines of the world – from various Asian to Zambian cuisine. And all this can be sold, both in the stalls and kiosks on the street and in various bistros and restaurants. Many establishments use pineapple as dishes… and all because of the pineapple plantation Dole is not far from here.

Try to catch the turquoise truck Shark’s Cove Grill to try the teriyaki chicken sandwich.

And find Nico’s restaurant on Pier 38, which serves one of the best loco mocos on the island – rice with eggs, but in the form of a burger, served with onion-mushroom sauce.

No. 9. Hilton Head, South Carolina

When the first resort on the island was opened, almost immediately it became clear that this direction will be appreciated by everyone who is partial to delicious food. They say that there are so many good restaurants here that it is impossible to get around in a week. Start with Charlie’s L’Etoile Verte, a restaurant that locals consider one of the best on Hilton Head. Try perch, cobia, and oysters here.

Number 8. Capri

Do you know what is more popular among tourists in Capri besides the famous Blue Grotto? Ice cream. Favorite flavors are stracciatella and almonds with lemon. Find the one you like best.

By the way, this is a great dessert after dinner in the Aurora restaurant (try pizza from figs and ham) or in Trattoria Il Solitario – in the restaurant in the traditional Capri style – with ivy-covered terrace and private garden.

Number 7. Harbor island

In the immediate vicinity of the northeastern part of Alutera is Harbor Island, a laid-back Bahamian island famous for crispy fried fish and peas and rice.

Have a cocktail at Colonial-style Landing’s Bar and lunch at Sip Sip, where you can see paintings by Amos Ferguson.

No. 6. Maldives

The Maldives is famous not only for its seafood and fruits but also for its luxurious rooms. In the new resort of Maalifushi by Como, you can now rent a chic bungalow, from which you can easily reach Madi, where you can try the Maldivian seafood barbecue, or Tai, where they make excellent sushi and sashimi.

It is also worth to go to the Subsix underwater restaurant, where you need to try sea bass, Jaffna shrimp and crab with fennel.

No. 5. Santorini

Join locals in authentic Roka-style restaurants and be sure to try mezes – signature Greek snacks (pie with eggplant, tomato, apple, and feta cheese). The rest of the day can be spent exploring the caves or just swimming along the coast of the oldest island.

The night is best seen in the Selene Restaurant. Order pastitsada– chicken with cheese, caramelized onions and tomato confit, or wheat porridge with cinnamon and Greek coffee.

Number 4. Sicily

Young chefs like Giuseppe Costa are cultivating new approaches to cooking, with a focus on seafood. At Costa’s Il Bavaglino, try rice with cuttlefish. And be sure to get to Syracuse to enjoy the views from Regina Lucia. Here it is worth ordering an octopus with chickpeas.

By the way, free Prosecco is poured here.

Number 3. Maui, Hawaii

Of all the islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, Maui is most popular. And this is not surprising, at least there are plenty of restaurants that you should definitely get into. One of them is Mama’s Fish House where they catch and serve fish 24 hours a day. Try the seafood grill served on papaya leaves with coconut rice.

No. 2. St Bart

A tiny piece of the French Riviera, floating in the Caribbean, has excellent conditions for those who are used to selectively treat food. Locals and tourists alike often gather for dinner by candlelight at the Bartolomeo Restaurant, which is located in the gardens of Le Guanahani Hotel. Unconditional hits on the menu are risotto with crab, lime, raspberries and licorice and an egg with quinoa, spinach, and ricotta.

No. 1. Nantucket

Despite the fact that the island of Nantucket, located near Cape Cod, there are a lot of high-quality cafes and restaurants here (Topper’s at The Wauwinet serves excellent oysters, and the bar at the local yacht club has an excellent collection of rum and whiskey).

The island is famous, first of all, for its charm and provincial charm: it’s great to eat pies for Independence Day, try chocolate cookies in coffee houses and eat homemade sandwiches in the Straight Wharf restaurant.

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